How to Naturally Increase Testosterone Levels‏

Probably the quickest and easiest way to increase
your testosterone levels is to drink The Huge Load
Formula on a daily basis


Low testosterone is a very COMMON problem in
today’s society.

It’s been linked to all manner of diseases…

Problems losing body-fat…

Trouble gaining muscle…

And of course…

Sexual and reproductive health issues.

Needless to say – you don’t want low ‘T-Levels’

So here are…


5 Simple Ways to Naturally Increase Your
Testosterone Levels…


1. Eat a Natural Unprocessed Diet

Nothing will build health better than this.

Since HEALTH is the foundation upon which
sexual prowess is built – eating a natural,
unprocessed diet is a very good thing to do.

Of course, this means AVOIDING unnatural,
processed foods.

2. Don’t Drink from Plastic

Unless it’s BPA free.


Because most plastic contains BPA and BPA
has been shown to decrease testosterone levels,
increase cancer risk and more.

Choose GLASS over plastic every time.

3. Manage Your Stress Levels

Stress is an erection killer.

And it does nothing good for your ‘T-Levels’

How do you manage stress?

Here are 3 suggestions:

– Deep breathing

– Meditation

– Long(ish) walks

4. Do Some Strength Training

Strength training is proven to increase testosterone.

And it builds MUSCLE and makes you look more

Just avoid training too hard – because that leads to
too much stress which can decrease ‘T-Levels’

5. Take Superherbs and Superfoods

Things like the Superherb Cordyceps and the
Superfood Maca can build testosterone levels
very quickly…

In a totally NATURAL and SAFE way 🙂

The Huge Load Formula contains  Cordyceps and Maca,
as well as other carefully selected Superherbs and
Superfoods that’ll make your erection feel like a
million dollars!

Drink it daily and feel the power!

And I’ll talk to you soon…

Your friend,

Adam Armstrong

P.S. Superfoods and Superherbs can dramatically
increase testosterone levels and improve sexual

And they can do it very quickly.


You need to mix them correctly and take them in
the right doses. (It can take time – years – to figure
this out).

Instead of trying to ‘go it alone’ and spend a ton of
time, money and effort ‘figuring it out’ (and making
mistakes) – just drink The Huge Load Formula


‘Cos it contains proven Superfoods and Superherbs –
in the right quantities.

If you want to quickly, easily, safely and naturally
jack-up your T-Levels and give your woman the
rock-hard erection she’s craving…

Drink The Huge Load Formula every day.

how to get an erection fast


One of My Favorite Orgasm Techniques (use it on your woman and thank me later)

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Right now, I’m gonna tell you about one of my favorite ORGASM techniques.

Over the years I’ve used this one to drive more girls than I can remember completely CRAZY 😉

– You lick her clit


– You rub her G-Spot with your fingers at the same time


It’s way easier than patting your head and rubbing your stomach at the same time (ever tried it? Sucks 😉

Anyhow, put your woman on her back, open her legs, and then lick that clit and stimulate her G-Spot with your fingers.


It’ll make her cum like crazy.

Works every time. Never met a girl who didn’t LOVE it.

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woman G-Spot Squirting Orgasms

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And I’ll talk to you soon…

Your friend,

Adam Armstrong:


How a Woman Reaches Ejaculation


Although female ejaculation is not a myth it has been an elusive phenomena for many a woman and unfortunately the man who believes he has what it take which for the most part means he does not.

Sorry to burst that bubble. Until just recently many a woman has felt embarrassment at the thought that during intercourse she wet the bed or worse yet a man who has cringed when a woman has gushed on or around him.

Unfortunately until the late 1980s doctors still saw the female ejaculation fluid as a form of urine.

They actually recommended pelvic exercises such as Kegel exercises to remedy this supposed leakage.

Although there may be a certain amount of urine leakage for a woman depending on the circumstances, but squirting is in no way urine leakage.

Although unfortunately not very common female ejaculation is possible and is happening.

Statistics show that only twenty five percent of women actually climax during intercourse, I know I have not been in that twenty five percent or in the other percent which is really a hit or miss sort of scenario.

Now a female orgasm is not a secret just a technique not properly investigated.

It begins very simply as you begin foreplay which yes, we women need, if you really want to make her squirt.

The rush of blood you feel as you are PROPERLY caressed, kissed and nibbled on starts to head straight to your clitoris as it begins to get ready for climax.

During this time the vaginal wall begins to secrete beads of lubrication that get bigger and bigger as arousal gets more intense.

As you become more and more aroused the pelvic area receives a stronger flow of blood,  your breathing is more intense, your heart races, your nipples become erect and the vagina will actually become more narrow to accept the penis.

If the proper amount of tension is consistently and adequately given it will build up and you will inevitably reach orgasm.

There are of course many techniques you or a partner interested in your pleasure can explore in order to obtain an even higher level of orgasm but this is how a basic orgasm is obtained.


G-spot Squirting Stimulation Techniques


When it comes to g-spot stimulation, it is said to be one of the most pleasing and mind-blowing sexual experience which is also what brings about squirting.
Many men may want to take his woman to this place but without the right techniques, he may not be able to do this which may end up been frustrating.
There are a number of techniques that a man can actually use of how to make a woman squirt and they include the following.
One of the first things that a man can actually do is to find where the g-spot is.
What your man should do is that he should is that he should use his index finger or even his middle finger into the vagina of his woman.
And aim to touch the outer the anterior wall.
Once you are able to do this, move the finger gently into the vagina side to side and up, down until you are able to feel something like an egg-shaped spot.
Once you are able to touch this in the right way, your woman will start moaning with immense pleasure as you master how to make a girl squirt.
Once you are able to find this spot, you can either decide to massage it using a kind of milking motion or you can stimulate it using a slow massage.
Once you are able to successfully pull this off, then she will get one of the very best orgasms that she is forever going to remember you for.



Man Tea Rock Hard Formula


Intercourse between two people is dependent on the man’s ability to remain hard. Of course the woman has her contribution to this hardness.

If you would like to get that rock hard erection during sex, try the man tea rock hard formula as it will give you the following results

It raises the blood flow in the penile chambers thus giving you that hard rock erection.

It gives you that monster size erection and a bigger blood rush to your penis and enables him to give his partner all the sexual satisfaction she wants any time they get into action.

  • Improved strength

It improves your erection strength, vitality and incredible stamina results. After using the man tea rock hard formula your erection will be greater to please your woman all the time.

  • Raised libido

It raises your libido and the urge to get into action more than ever before. The latest formula brings you and your partner the sexual revolution that the two of you have always wished.

  • Natural ingredients

It is made from natural ingredients that do not alter your natural body and sexual hormones in any way.

The ingredients in man tea rock hard formula are carefully selected and combine to bring happier moments in your sexual life.

  • GGMP approved

It is a product that has been approved by the GMP and can be found at your nearest chemist or pharmaceutical store.